Shopping is not just a fun – it is more than it

How many t-shirts in your life have you already had? How often do you change them? Usually it is difficult to find a piece you really like and to wear it for a long time. And there are not that many the most beloved, favourtie pieces, which happen to be part of your life. However, sometimes you get exactly what you wanted and do not want to exchange it to anything else. Everything depends on the approach you follow.

There are two type of shopping people. The first one is a person, who simply buys what he likes on the shelf of the shop. This is kind of a spontaneous shopper, who is buying the things which go well together, which are trendy, quality products, and that’s it.

The second type of a person is a treasure seeker. Often, such people have images of desired pieces in their mind long before they go to shop. This type of a buyer is the most difficult one because he knows what kind of piece he wants, since he has imagined it before. He can also be a spontaneous buyer as well, but not that often. Buying things for a second type of a person is a very quick experience. As long as he sees his dream piece, he does not spend a lot of time on shopping. He just gets what he wants. The treasure hunters are people who usually have the most interesting wardrobes, which can consist from very different, but stylish pieces. These could be vintage findings, some subcultural garments, or even classical apparel, all kept in line with an image of their owner.

Ladneva accessories and apparel offers a range of jewellery pieces . Recently it started to offer apparel pieces, which would provide a lasting experience for its owners. These will be with you for a long time, even after these will get old. You will love them because of the unique, quality artworks printed on them. In other words, these are not a one-day kind of dresses, but more a timeless garments despite the fact that these are just the T-shirts, which will serve you and make feel comfortable in for a long period of time.

Starting from December, 2019 Ladneva offers T-shirts with original artworks. These can be ordered via internet, by writing an e-mail to Ladneva.

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