Inner space drivers

Haven’t you thought about such thing as sayings, which you subconsciously follow in your everyday life? Many sayings, beliefs, grandmother’s phrases often become a base of a lifestyle, life philosophy, way of living, what you actually do not realise. For example, when there is a need for some action, such saying as “The morning is wiser than the evening” might make you postpone some decisions to the next day in your life. Or how often do you carry out a double-check thing? Do you proofread the messages you send following the rule “Second thoughts are the best”? These inner drivers might regulate your pace of life, might influence the timing of your decisions, and they also can be your anchors and in some way ease your life.

Ladneva brand has inherited some of the “past” values, which might seem a bit strange in a modern life with enormous rhyme. Such thing as personal information sharing with friends, like phone numbers etc. How would you act in case someone asks you for a phone number of a person you know well? Would you ask for permission from him/her first or will you share the number not caring for this rule, just applying the positive thinking and not caring too much? The thing is that you never know, what can happen afterwards, and maybe you might feel guilty and responsible for the circumstances of this phone call afterwards.

There are a lot of things that are not restricted by the legislation, for example, but these are simply the rules of everyday ethics. These are not only the sayings or proverbs, these are the norms of life, which are, maybe, sometimes not very modern. Of course, it is difficult to find a golden mean, and everyone might break some rules sometimes because of different reasons. There are no judges anymore except for you. And the only thing that remains is to step sometimes backward, think twice, double-check, and either act or wisely wait for the morning.

To conclude, we cannot be responsible for everyone’s actions, but we are responsible for our own behaviour, and each step, each word, each feeling counts. Everyone we meet on our way is our and only our experience. No one else except you lives the life you do. Be careful with what you meet, be attentive to yourself and others.

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