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If you are planning to visit the smallest town in the United Kingdom, Wells, Somerset, don’t forget to come by A2 gallery located on High St, 80. A selection of Ladneva handmade jewellery can be found there. Made from the upcycled materials, Ladneva earrings are a great example of contemporary products, which keep pace with the concept of a circular economy and are a great example of upcycling used in product design.

Upcycled jewellery – Earrings with vintage beads in silver.

Ladneva established in 2017 started to use various upcycled elements in the process of creation of contemporary jewellery. Timeless design of jewellery, its wearability, and quality beads are the main traits of each item. Crafted in Riga, Latvia, and represented in Wells, UK, it is a mixture of colours and forms, a combination of design ideas incorporated in unique jewellery pieces.

The smallest town of the United Kingdom, known by many and visited by people from different countries, is a pearl on the map of the United Kingdom, with ancient architecture, tiny streets, and secluded ambiance.
According to estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) of the UK, Somerset annually is visited by 11.4million people, who stay there for one day, as well as by 1.8million people, who are overnight visitors, all coming from within Great Britain.

A2 gallery started to collaborate with Ladneva in 2022 and is proud and happy to offer a range of its jewellery to the A2 visitors. If you are looking for something casual, stylish, and with an artisanal touch, this is definitely the place to spot it.

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