The roots of the brand Ladneva raise to the previous generations of its founder, Anna, and go back to the times of Russian Empire. The generations story, as told by Anna’s grandmother Louise, passionate about history and genealogy, born in one of the ancient’s Russian towns, Murom, on the shore of river Oka, comes back to the middle-class citizens, and further on to the ancient ranks at the court of Peter I. Anna’s grand-grand-grand mother Anna, whose maiden surname was Ladneva, had a long, interesting, and tragic story of her life to be told separately one day.

Anna Ladneva was very good in sewing, applying her skills to make beautiful apparel for her daughters. The brand Ladneva inherits the value of handmade work and bases its work on the principles of unique pieces creation. The story about her daughters life and personality, described as a bit socially hooligan and rebellious, was passed from generation to generation.