Inner space drivers

Haven’t you thought about such thing as sayings, which you subconsciously follow in your everyday life? Many sayings, beliefs, grandmother’s phrases often become a base of a lifestyle, life philosophy, way of living, what you actually do not realise. For example, when there is a need for some action, such saying as “The morning is […]

Mum’s treasure box

Sometimes you come to your parents home and there is a place there where your mother or even grandmother keeps old unfashioned jewellery like watches, bracelets, earrings or pendants. What a big pleasure to dig all these old school treasures! You can imagine other time and people dressing differently. Of course, sometimes it is so […]

Upcycling: reinventing or leaving intact

Actually, there are two types of pieces, which one might get as a result of upcycling process. The first type is a new piece made from scratch using the recycled spare materials like beads etc. This new reinvented piece is getting sold afterwards. On the other hand, if the piece, which comes in a perfect […]

Pricing the upcycled items

Vintage should not cost a lot, but it should compete. In order to develop a sustainable economy one needs to take an action — to compete in terms of prices with retailers who are less green and more trend oriented. The fashion market is capitalising on new collections, leaving a big amount of stock unsold. […]

Outfit of the day

Going out is like a regular thing for many, while others don’t do it very often. On one hand there is a traditional Friday night, which is exploited often among many people, as a main argument using the fact that this is the end of the week. But 5/2 is not the unique schedule for […]


Oversize sweaters, jumpers, shirts, jackets… There is something special in them. Not because these should obligatory be a part of your boyfriend’s garderobe, no, such a piece can be totally yours. But you can try wearing his apparel too just to feel the vibe.As for me, I really like wearing extra size dresses and other […]

Autumn cleaning

The autumn is here, so it is a time for a new wardrobe! To free up some space for something new, cosy, and warm. There are a lot of different ways of how to get rid of your old dresses, coats, skirts, and other pieces of an apparel. One of them is to donate them […]