Gorgeous pair of dark-blue/violet earrings


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A gorgeous pair of earrings created to make you feel beautiful and self-sufficient. These colourful and bright accessories were designed as a collaboration of Ladneva & Detailised with the purpose to create a piece, which is contemporary and embodies the so actual today topic about upcycling. Ladneva has been working on ReInvented collection for several years, offering its accessories not only in Latvia, but also in the UK. The response of those, who have positively evaluated its design has made the brand not to disregard the secondary use of materials and continue working on new collections. The Detailised is a new brand, which focused on the questions of upcycling and creation of pieces, which would have an impact on the consumption habits, by offering its clients accessories, which could make a “green” economy to benefit from conscious purchasing habits.

Materials: plastic, metal, vintage beads.
Additional specifications: two-sided.