ReInvented service by Ladneva

We offer a unique service of reinventing the jewellery and bijuteria pieces you have by creating new pieces from scratch.

How does it work
You provide us with several pieces of bijuteria, like broken necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and anything you do not need. We redesign your jewels either transforming them into completely new pieces or mix them with different beads we have in stock to add them a different meaning and shine. Everything depends on the initial items you provide, your mood, and our taste.

How to apply
In order to initiate a working process you have to sort everything you are ready to be transformed by us and submit your items to us. In order to arrange a meeting, please, use our contact section.

How much does it cost
This service is a good choice providing a good value for money. You will definitely gain compared to investing into something new. Don’t forget that the materials (mostly) are yours, while we are only adding value by creating a new piece.

“What will I get?”
You will receive as many jewellery pieces created by Ladneva, as it would be possible to make. The quantity depends on the quality of pieces you provide us with. The ides is: the more “raw materials” you provide, the better is the result. Actually, you can start from 2-3 pieces. Please, take into account that we do not work with the recreation of jewellery that is made from metals using professional jewellery techniques yet, but we are good at working with various beads.

Please, inquire via

In case you would like just to get rid of your items or broken items without getting anything in exchange, you are welcome to donate your jewellery and/or bijuteria you do not need any more to us. Depending on its quality it will either be transformed into new pieces or put to our Giveaway Box (you can read more about it in the section Giveaway Box.